ohmyohpioneer said: Totally just imagined Grumpy as one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. "Yeesh, talk about the ride from Hell. Let me tell you, sister."


the four horsemen of the apocalypse:






(they can’t get anything done because whenever they roll into the place ready to be evil, Grumpy’s yelling at the top of his lungs, “TERRIBLE NEWS EVERYONE, THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE!!!”)

(plus his six dumbass friends come with him everywhere and want to be horsemen of the apocalypse too)

(then they get bored and go drink some beer)

(the three horsemen of the apocalypse and the idiot dwarf just does not sound right)

(what are they going to do)

When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Grumpy; and Sneezy was following with him.


                                                        The Fall.


                                                        The Fall.

Storybrooke has frozen over.
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Storybrooke has frozen over.

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sailorkillian replied to your post “15 Things That Make Me Happy”

I feel #13 on a molecular level. Also, THEY MAKE FLANNEL LINED JEANS?! Need.



I have Carhartt’s, but I used to have an L.L. Bean pair. You should probably just have one of each so you are never without.

15 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by the lovely sailorkillian to share 15 things that make me happy. And that seemed like a really nice, positive thing.

Maybe you can get joy out of these, too:

  1. Flannel-lined jeans
  2. BLTs
  3. Remedial Chaos Theory
  4. Summer nights on porches with lanterns and chatter and friends and low music.
  5. Group texts with my brother and sister
  6. Looking out from on top of mountains
  7. Listening to Tom Waits on rainy days
  8. Listening to Sufjan Stevens always
  9. My parents playing guitar together
  10. Reading, Writing, Obsessing about CS
  11. Americanos at 3 in the afternoon
  12. Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning and Everything Christmas
  13. Eating peanut butter from the jar by the spoonful
  14. Finding people who support me, help me grow, challenge me, make me laugh, sympathize, empathize, buy me chocolate, text me at 2 in the morning, and take the time to include me in their lives.
  15. The way old records scratch and are warm.

I seriously encourage everyone to do this! It’s nice to think about things that make you happy. I was making myself frantic with self-doubt the other day, and the beautiful, wise trnsatlanticist gave me this wonderful advice:

"When you find yourself stuck in a loop of self-doubt, the moment you feel yourself start to have those thoughts, redirect your focus to something that makes you happy. Not something that is the opposite of what you are feeling, or something related to what you are feeling, just something that makes you happy. Imagine Captain Hook reading James Joyce to a puppy."

And it works. I swear it. And having a list of things that make you happy, well, that’s got to help, too! 


"I have a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy. Now I want to learn as many languages as possible so I can teach as many people as possible.""What do you think is the most important thing that people can learn from Buddhism?""Compassion. Everyone suffers and everyone needs happiness."
(Dharamshala, India)


"I have a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy. Now I want to learn as many languages as possible so I can teach as many people as possible."
"What do you think is the most important thing that people can learn from Buddhism?"
"Compassion. Everyone suffers and everyone needs happiness."

(Dharamshala, India)


Perhaps you are the one who couldn't handle it.

notreturnvoid said: Cs Veronica Mars? Really? You would slay me. ::begs::


“David Nolan,” she can hear her father answer the main line in the other room.

Being home is strange.

Storybrooke has never been normal, and it seems that its seedy underbelly hasn’t reformed itself since she’s left for law school in Boston.

Killian needs her help, which also isn’t new, but she’s older, presumably wiser, and if her student loans have anything to say about it, she’s a whole ‘nother person.

(Then, she did just ask Leroy for the police files pertaining to Milah’s murder all of those years ago.)

But Killian doesn’t make her stomach lurch anymore, the way it used to. Though, when he runs his hand along the top of the wheel of his car or when he immediately jumps to her defense when someone (inevitably) calls her virtue into question, well…

“Okay,” her father says, “I’ll be right there.”

And she waits for him to exit his office, hides the file she’s collated on Killian Jones, and acts the perfect daughter.

Cue angelic smile.

“I’m headed out,” he tells her, grabbing his coat. “Stay out of trouble.”

“I always do, Daddy-o,” she shoots back. He raises an eyebrow, and she is definitely not already calculating how long it will take to get to Killian’s beach house. 

Her father gives her a stern look. 

Things are back to normal and she couldn’t be happier.


captainswanghshipper88 said: Your CS Veronica Mars AU is an amazing idea and not dumb at all.

I mean….Could you imagine?

He looks the same behind the wheel of his Aston Martin convertible (gorgeous, troubled).

But she feels completely different. (Or so she tells herself.)

“Well, this is déjà vu,” she tilts her head at him as he keeps his eyes on the road.

 “Don’t know what you’re talking about, love,” he runs his tongue along his teeth as the lights of the bridge glint off the perfect coif of his hair. Accused of murder and still concerned about product.

“Of course you don’t,” she sighs, and looks at her phone. Text from Graham. Hmm.

“Swan,” he accelerates as traffic fades, “You know…I mean, you know I would never…”


She glances down at his hand on the gearshift. It’s careful in its movements – fourth to fifth – and she knows how it feels on her waist, at her hips. 

“I know,” she swallows, but tells him firmly. She has a boyfriend. Graham. Sweet Graham. She likes the quiet. She likes the normality. She does.

But she also knows that Killian didn’t do this. Would never –

“I know,” he throws her an expression that is too kind for how they ended. “That’s why I called you.”

I know it’s dumb but…

I just want a CS Veronica Mars AU.

Emma as a plucky, but jaded private eye who just finished law school. Killian a (sassy, sarcastic) newly minted naval officer (and ex-boyfriend) accused of murder…

captain--kitten said: So lately I've been having a lot of thoughts of Killian discovering modern music. He's such a romantic soul that I cannot fathom him NOT loving and connecting deeply with music. Also sailors and sea shanties and so on. But I sit and wonder about his initial discovery, what would hook him (lollllzzzzzz I'm hilarious!!!) and how he would just be so overwhelmed and in awe and basically like Ron Swanson when Tom gave him the iPod. And I die.

Ok, but seriously, this is a majorly intense head canon of mine (Killian + music?? Shocking, I know.)

He totally runs the gambit and definitely listens to intensely emotional things, like, one time, Emma had to put a moratorium on The National (“Though the water’s a-rising, there’s still no surprising you…Man, it’s all been forgiven, swans are a-swimmin’”) because even she was feeling depressed. And sure, he went through his Smiths phase… 

But it all really began when he’d had enough of David’s country music when riding in his truck while patrolling the town line. (“What the blazes is this?”) And he had desperately pressed buttons on the device he had seen both Swan and David using in their vessels, and suddenly he heard the opening electric guitar riff of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son,” and, well, it was all over. (Annoyed, David makes a motion to change from the Oldies station: “Don’t you dare touch that, mate. I will cut off your hand.”)

I present: 

Hell Yes, Killian → rock n’ roll mix. Because freaking 70s rock is total pirate jam material. Melodic but kickass and leather jacket required.


[i. ac/dc - gone shootin’ ii. creedence clearwater revival - fortunate son iii. david bowie - rebel rebel iv. led zeppelin - black dog v. mountain - mississippi queen vi. neil young - rockin’ in the free world vii. the guess who - no sugar tonight/new mother nature viii. the rolling stones - sympathy for the devil ix. the clash - clampdown x. cream - born under a bad sign xi. the yardbirds - train kept a rollin’ xii. traffic - dear mr. fantasy]

There’s so many people that are so sweet — especially with Once Upon A Time, I’ve been really blown away. There’s been huge groups of friends that have started because of the show! People that met online and meet together to watch the show, or they will watch it together through live-streaming. And they get together and plan trips together. So all these interesting relationships and friendships have started because of the show, and I think that’s so awesome and such a positive thing to come out of a television show.

Jennifer Morrison, the Nerdist Podcast perfectly summarizing why I fell in love with OUAT and Tumblr. 

I just love that JMo GETS IT. And I just love you all. 

(via captain—kitten)

I don’t know if y’all know how deep some of my headcanons run. But I really want to talk with my lovely followers (new and veteran alike) about the weird worlds my head creates.

So, inbox me and ask me how I think all of my babies (from Once Upon a Time or Sleepy Hollow!) think or dream or would react in any given situation. It can be how I think their friendships would go down, what Killian would listen to in Emma’s apartment while cleaning; it can be what you think Frank and Ichabod talk about when Abbie’s in the restroom, or what Jenny and Ichabod think is the worst part about modern day America.

Whatever! I just wanna talk about my favorite shows and my favorite characters. I just love them so much.

i-know-how-you-kiss said: You're absurd. I want to kiss the laptop you write on and smother your brain with roses and chocolate.


(And I am pretty sure my poor MacBook has Samoa crumbs all up in it. So you’ve been warned. But I will take the chocolate so long as we can share it and drink wine together.)