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Hi there, I'm Sarah. I like to write, run, read, listen to musics, and internet. Currently obsessed with Captain Swan and Ichabbie. Always obsessed with Flannery O'Connor, Community, and James Joyce. I love to talk, and I am always open to prompts - even if I don't get to them right away. So message me - let's talk!
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That was a..

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Last time I was here it was raining,
                                            it ain’t raining anymore.

The streets were drowning, waters waning, all the ruins washed ashore. Now I’m just looking through the rubble, trying to find out who we were.

Last time I was here it was raining,
                                            it ain’t raining anymore.

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Killian Jones gets a new wardrobe (12/?)

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Selfie game…weak

I was tagged by seastarved to post 6 selfies from 2014! I just posted a Meet the Blogger selfie the other day, so…here are some more? (In chronological order!)

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As you wish.

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© Nigel Horsley

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artielu replied to your post “It’s a lazy Sunday, and I want to rec music.”

Sitting on a high point on a coastline, looking out over the ocean crashing on the shore far below.

To me, this is the ultimate in inner peace - the ebb and flow and crash of waves far removed, the grace and magnitude of cliffs. But there’s also something a bit melancholy about it - distance, starkness.

Therefore, I recommend:

Beach Baby by Bon Iver

Deep Blue Sea by Grizzly Bear

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A/N: CS Bodyguard AU. You can blame this little verse on these photos and swans-and-scoundrels' enabling.


(I’m Gonna Love You) Even If My Heart Would Break (1/4)



Stubborn. Insufferable. Pain in the damned arse. Spoiled brat.

He hitches her further over his shoulder, ignoring the drunken giggle that leaves her mouth. It’s immediately followed by a hiccup and the grip of her hands and those delicate fingers on his hips for purchase — he ignores that too. Stupid, stupid, stupid woman.

Killian Jones has always considered himself a patient man, but for some reason his supply of it always seems to wane where she is concerned and now is no exception. It’s a bloody mess she’s made of herself again, and directly in the spotlight no less. He can practically hear her PR team already, Ruby’s incessant yelling and murderous looks aimed his way because he was supposed to be watching her. 

Well he bloody would be watching her if she didn’t keep trying to give him the slip at every opportunity. He’s starting to think she means to make his life miserable (or a complete living hell) on purpose — either way, it ends tonight. He’s put up with her behavior for long enough and he’ll fucking handcuff himself to her if necessary.

“Your ass is in my face,” she tells him suddenly, like she’s answered the very mystery of the universe, and giggles again.

“How very astute, darling,” he mutters.

“So grumpy, Jonesie.”

He hates the nickname, grits his teeth against it, and wonders where the hell he went wrong in his miserable life, wonders what the hell he was thinking when he signed on to be the head of security for  Emma Swan, pop star extraordinaire. 

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So when I win your heart, Emma,

it will be because you want me.

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hey how does this song rec thing work? like do we just send u something we'd like the song to be about or does it have to be a quote or...?

Hey there, nonny! I am so glad you asked:

Give me: a word, a mood, a thought, a place, a feeling, a scene - whatever - and I will rec you a song!

I have tagged this game “song rec game" and all of my music recs/posts can be found in my "currently on repeat" tag.

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song rec please? - looking forward to brighter days ahead.

This is a great request, nonny. Trust me, I have hopeful playlists because I find myself needing them to power me through my down days. And I sincerely hope that you can see good coming on up the road, love.

Here are two three:

The Kinks - Strangers

First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining

The Secret Sisters - Tomorrow Will Be Kinder


Let me give you a song!

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Meet the Blogger

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Name: Sarah
Age:  26
Gender: Female

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